Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Most Common DUI Mistakes

Driving under influence or DUI is a punishable offence in most of the countries. The punishment for this conviction depends on the seriousness of the crime and amount of alcohol in the body. If you undergo DUI arrest, you should take immediate action and call your DUI attorney for defense. Many people make the common DUI mistake of not calling the lawyer immediately after the arrest.

Whenever any driver is suspected for drunk driving, the police forces them to undergo the breath test to check the alcohol content in the driver’s blood. The device is inserted in the driver’s mouth and he is asked to blow air in the device. The meter displays the BAC count on the display. The universally accepted permissible BAC count is 0.08%. If the meter shows BAC count above this range, the driver is charged for DUI.

DUI Punishments:

The most common punishment for DUI is suspension of driver’s license for limited time period. For the first time offense, this time period can be from one month to 4 months, and for the multiple offenses, the time period can vary from one year to 10 years. Sometimes, the license can be revoked for lifetime if the offense involves serious injuries or casualties. Court may also order imprisonment to the driver for drunken driving charges. The DUI charges have bad impact on your life and career. Hence, it is important for you to erase these DUI charges from your record. You can hire a DUI attorney immediately after your arrest.

Common DUI Mistakes:

DUI charges are very complicated and can be confusing at times. There are lots of loop holes and pitfalls in DUI offenses that should be understood clearly. Following are some common mistakes made by the convict after the DUI arrest.

Not understanding the seriousness of the DUI charge.
Not consulting the DUI lawyer immediately after DUI arrest
Not hiring experienced lawyer
Ignoring the hearing of the case
Refusing the Breath Test
The out-of-state DUI is much severe issue and should be immediately taken care of. The person may be highly charged or even imprisoned for DUI offense out of their country. Taking immediate measures after DUI arrest is the best way to get rid of these charges.

DUI is a serious crime and should not be ignored if you are arrested under this charge. It is suggested to immediately contact your DUI lawyer after the arrest. Hiring the experienced DUI attorney will help you to erase DUI charges from your record.


  1. Thanks for sharing the common mistakes of DUI. That's really great information. if somebody is getting caught for DUI 3 or more times, they are not mildly drunk, they are the swerving in and out of lanes, running red lights, seeing double level of drunk and that is why they are getting caught that many times, and those people need to be severely punished.

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  2. Thank you for this great information. Most people know that driving under the influence is a bad idea, but they may not think about other consequences or the aftermath of it.

  3. Not retaining a DUI lawyer is a common mistake. Many people who are arrested for DUI should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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  5. Thanks for sharing the article. If the suspension was because of the DUI, then the applicable Vehicle Code is 14601.2 mandatory sentence of 10 days jail, a $300 fine.When one caught for DUI, they should seek legal help of any DUI Attorney.

  6. I've heard mixed suggestions about refusing a breath test. One thing to consider is that the roadside breath tests aren't always very accurate. It's best to cooperate with the police. If you take the test and you blow over the limit, you can sometimes request a blood test which is much more accurate. Either way, I agree that you should speak with an experienced attorney if you get arrested for a DUI. http://duiattorneyyorkpa.com